July 13, 2012

She came tonight as I sat alone...
the girl I used to be...
And she gazed at me with her earnest eye
have you forgotten the many plans
And hopes I had for you?
The great career, the splendid fame,
all the wonderful things to do?
Where is the mansion of stately height
With all its gardens rare?
The silken..robes that I dreamed f for you
And the jewels in your hair?
And as she spoke, I was very sad
For I wanted her pleased with me...
This slender girl from the shadowy past
the girl that used to be.
So gently rising, I took her hand
And guided her down the hall,
Where peacefully sleeping, my babies lay
Innocent ,sweet, and fair.
And I told her that these are my only gems,
And precious they are to me:
That silken robes is my motherhood 
of costly simplicity,.
And my mansion of stately height is love,
And the only career I know
 is serving each day in these sheltered walls
for the dear ones who come and go
And as I spoke to my shadowy, guest,
She smiled through her tears at me.
And I saw the woman that I am now
Pleased the girl I used to be.

A really sweet sister gave a lesson on motherhood in relief society when I was in Utah. I haven't been to Releif society in years because of my amazing calling in Primary. I am so glad I got to be there for this because if there is one thing I'm passionate about is motherhood and the divine calling that it is. I loved this poem that she handed out. I honestly don't know if this rings true to me because the girl I used to be would be so proud that I have achieved my dream of being a mom to these beautiful people. What an awesome responsibility it is and scary! But something this hard and scary is beautiful and divine and can only be done with a prayer in your heart. My heart is so full of gratitude for all you mothers that choosing to raise these blessed children of our Heavenly Father.

January 20, 2012

I recently read a blog post from a mom that said she couldn't help but get a little annoyed at people that would tell her to love every moment of having little children. You know in the grocery store when they're all going crazy and you think what was I thinking bringing them. They're into everything, they're in every which way and all you needed was to get butter or something simple like that for dinner and you're standing in a line that will not move. It's stressful, don't get me wrong, but it's a learning opportunity for everyone.

 I have always been a carpe diem person. I am known for getting emotional about anything. First day of school, last day of school, first tooth loss...you get the picture. I do enjoy those moments because I know they don't last. I know because Tyler was a super active little boy and now he sits at church quietly without snacks or coloring books or any other activity. I know it felt crazy and I will never forget how we couldn't sit longer than 2 minutes at a time. So excuse me for noticing that my kids are growing up no matter how hard I don't want them to, but they are and can I tell you how proud I am to call them my children. I love them so much. I love that I get to sit down and do homework with them everyday. No matter how much they don't want to. Life is such a precious gift! No matter how it's started it is a precious gift not to be taken lightly. I am so glad that we get to have children in this world to remind us the important things. I love that I get to serve the children of the Lincoln 3rd ward. I can feel their precious spirits when I walk into the primary room and see their smiling faces. I love that I get to see them grow and learn in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love how they challenge me and ask questions during a lesson. I know our Heavenly Father has an infinite amount of love for us. I can see it in the faces of the children around me. I know they have to grow up and the only thing that makes it o.k is that I know what wonderful people, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, maybe pilot, archaeologist and Veterinarian they will become. I hope you all have the chance to look into a child's face today and see the Joy that they have to share.

December 17, 2010

Still Going Strong

O.K. so four kids has proved to keep things a lot busier around here. Here is another attempt to update.
     Tyler has lost a total of 6 teeth with number 7 threatening to come out very soon. He's in the third grade now which means he is dealing with multiplication, division, reports, cub scouts, Kumon and basketball season underway. He loves all his teachers and leaders and I am so grateful for them as well.. He is such a great big brother. He walks Grace to her class every morning before going to his own class to put his back pack down. He is always willing to help with Lily since Trev has been out of town A LOT!!!! He is an amazing kid and I am so grateful for him.
     Grace also lost her first tooth this month and is official a big girl now. I can't believe how much she has changed this year. She is still my little shadow and I love it. She is doing very well is school and loves her teacher. I think her favorite subject is math but she has gotten 100% on all her spelling tests this year. She keeps changing her mind on what she wants to be when she grows up but number one is always a mom. She said she wants to have six kids at once because he loves babies so much. And she proves it by always playing and holding her little Lily. She is also in Kumon and has just moved out of the junior Kumon level into the big kid area. She loves books and drawing pictures. She has more love than she knows what to do with and is always ready to pucker up and give us a kiss. 
     Andrew just turned 5 on the 14th of December and keeps telling me he has to grow up to have his own family. I don't know what was harder for me him turning 5 or me turning 30. For such a long time he was my baby and I have loved me time with him at home. He is loving his Pre-K class and has made the greatest friends there, and so have I. He is also in Junior Kumon and is thriving. He can read all his homework by himself and loves doing it. He is an amazingly hard worker and doesn't stop until the job is done. He lights up the room when he walks in and makes you feel so loved and like you're his favorite person in the whole world. He learned how to ride a two wheel bike before Grace because his body is too big for those darn training wheels. So after riding two different hammy down bikes we decided he needed his very own big boy bike and he is doing great on it.
Our little Lily is such a doll. She is crawling, talking ( dada, mama) and is clapping her hands when she's happy. She is a total mama's girl but loves it when anybody holds her, as long as I'm not in the room she'll let you hold her forever. She can feed herself cheerios and puffs but really wants what the rest of us are eating. She is our little toe-head baldy but we think she has a  perfectly round head to pull it all off. She is so blessed by love in this family that she hardly ever gets put down. She was diagnosed on Wednesday with Pneumonia that is being treated with antibiotics and she's already got more life in her. She is out petite little girl weighing in at 16 lb 15 oz. I'm used to kids being a size ahead of their age and she's 9 month old still wearing some 3-6 month clothes. 
Trev is working, working, working!!!!! He is working so hard to get help get carpet recycling plants up and running that he has missed a few things with the family but he does it all for his family so we don't mind. He is loving the promise of  long term income and so am I. He is still the teachers quorum advisor to the young men and after 6 1/2 years is still loving it. 
I am still in primary working with the greatest group of ladies and getting spoiled by love from the children in our ward. I truly think it is the best calling to have to get to work with the children. They are so precious and innocent and want nothing else but love in return. I am so grateful for my family. They are my everything and I am so blessed to get to be their mother and wife. We have so much fun together and I am so proud of all of them. They all work so hard and know that their Heavenly Father loves them. What else could a mother ask for? I guess this has turned into my Christmas letter because I decided not to do Christmas cards this year. The postage alone to send to our closest family and friends was around $80 and I decided to simplify this year. Thank you all so much for all your love and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

May 3, 2010

Our weekend in So Cal

I have been in desperate need of an update to our blo
g and I am finally getting around to it. I'm skipping out on sleep to do this, but at least I know we're updated for a while.
This past weekend I took the kids and my mom and drove to L.A. to go see Trev. He's helping put together some machinery for a recycling plant. He had been gone for over a week and we were seriously missing having him around, especially me. My parents had participated in the "give a day get a day" program that Disney had done and received their free tickets Friday morning via their e-mail while we were eating breakfast deciding what to do. We tend to not tell the kids what we're doing until we're actually in the parking lot of what the activity is because we have learned that being surprised is better than being let down. So off we went to Disneyland for the day. I was probably as excited as the kids of not more. I love this place. I could have a season pass and never get sick of how happy it is. And yes we even took Lily. It really worked out great to have my parents their to take turns watching Lily and taking whoever to the bathroom or at least having some extra eyes on the kids. Here are some pictures from our trip and some of the kids from Easter and just other fun ones. Enjoy, who knows when I'll do this again.

Me holding Lily in the Baby Bjourn
The kids waiting for Dad to get their tickets so they could go to Disneyland.
Tyler found the golden goose egg at the Felts annual easter egg hunt. (Tyler and Sis. Felt)
I dressed Lily for church in her sleep and decided to have a photo shoot. Isn't she just adorable!
Me, Andrew and Lily defeating Zurg. It's a pretty fun one for the kids.

Andrew with his light saber.

The kids completely zonked out on the way back to the hotel.
Andrew had took a nap on the way down to L.A. and woke up when we got to the hotel and it was midnight. So of course he was excited to see daddy and wasn't ready to go to sleep. So we put him on the couch to sleep and watch Disney channel because we were exhausted. Well he woke Trev up at 5:30 and said "Dad, it's starting to get light outside so it's morning, get up". We didn't know for sure if he had stayed up all night from 1:30 till 5:30 a.m. but there was a chance. He did great at Disneyland all day until we got in the line for the rockets and he kept wanting me or Trev to hold him and we told him no but he could sit down on Trev's feet. Well he did and 30 seconds later was completely out. This was the ride he wanted to go on all day and we waited until 5 and he was gone and we couldn't wake him up for anything. At least I got a picture of Trev laughig and trying to buckle up on a weird angle. What a good dad!
Grace in line for the Rockets.
Tyler go a hold of the camera.
Kids by Alice in Wonderland

On the Merry Go Round

Photo op with Goofy.

Waiting to find Zurg.

By 100 acre forest.

April 13, 2010

Lily is 5 weeks old today! Wow does time fly! She's doing great. Has been sleeping through the night and when she's awake she wants to eat. She is changing right before my very eyes and it kind of makes me sad that they have to grow up. Grace is absolutely in love with her and is a huge help! Andrew loves to adore her and makes sure to give her a kiss after family prayers and then heads off to bed. Tyler is so busy with homework, chores and playing and still asks me after school when he gets in the car how Lily was for me. I love my kids and love the relationships they have with each other. I am so grateful for them.

Tomorrow is me and Trev's 9 year anniversary! 9 YEARS! I can't believe it's already been that long and then again a lot of work and love has happened in those years. I love my husband, he is such a good man. I'll post some wedding photos and updated pictures of all the kids tomorrow.

April 10, 2010

To all of you who knew Cheryl she passed yesterday at 5:15. What a wonderful sister she was to all of us. Love you Gant family!

March 15, 2010

I'm dedicating this day to my friend Cheryl who is on her way out of this world. Cheryl has been such an inspiration through her long fight with Cancer. She is an amazing woman and has been able to serve others when she is the one whom should be served. Cheryl we love you and pray for you and your family to be at peace.